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Car Mat Descriptions

Executive - Pedal to the metal
The highest quality mats. Only the best is fit for a top of the range motor, oozing luxury as you step in. The Executive Mats bring comfort alongside 5-star aesthetics.

The revolutionary, deep pile Executive Mats are designed to last. They’re the best on the market, striking the ideal balance between long-lasting durability and a luxury look and feel. At a pile height of 7.5 mm and a total height of 9 mm, your pride and joy benefits from the ultimate car floor protection.

These top-quality car mats are bespoke to your make and model, manufactured in the UK to fit the footwells of your specific car perfectly. Whilst adding more luxury to your interior, the anti-slip mats will protect your floor from dirt, damp, mildew and rot.

Super - The Fast Lane
Is your your pride and joy? The first-rate Super Mats are hard-wearing and thick, bringing an exclusive feel to an interior. A must-have for any proud car lover.

Made from 100% Polypropylene, these velour mats belong in our more luxurious range. The Super Mats are made to withstand significant weathering whilst aesthetically providing a high-quality look and feel.

At a total height of 7.5 mm, this remarkably thick car mat is water-resistant to protect from damp, mildew and rot, as well as anti-slip.

These high-quality mats aren’t just one-size-fits-all; they’re manufactured in the UK to fit your footwells perfectly.

Grand - Pick up speed
Upgrade your Motor Mat to the highly resistant, Grand edition. Offering a high level of protection, you’ll get even more miles out of these long-lasting bestsellers.

Our Grand carpet mats are made from 100% Polysuphane (PES), giving them an authentic car floor feel. Measuring approximately 5.2mm deep, these mats form a durable weight with years of life. The Grand carpet mats are the perfect balance of affordability and hard-wearing quality.

The removable car mats are manufactured and customised in the UK to your exact needs and design. Their rubber backing ensures they won’t slip and they’re water resistant to protect your floor from dirt, damp, mildew and rot.

Motor - Get the show on the road
For those who don’t do many miles. Affordable and durable, the Motor Mats simply get the job done.

Made from 100% Polysuphane (PES), our fully tailored Motor carpet car mats are durable and an absolute bargain. Measuring approximately 4.6mm deep pile, they’re manufactured in the UK to fit your footwells perfectly.

Our removable car mats will protect your carpets from dirt, damp, mildew and rot. The Motor mats are hard wearing with a rubberised backing, to ensure they’re water resistant & anti-slip.

Off Road Rubber - Ridin’ dirty
For the outdoor lovers. If you suffer with a muddy motor, Off Road Mats are made from hard wearing rubber - not carpet - so they’re easy to wipe clean.

The Off Road Rubber mats are ideal for the adventurous type, pet owners and anyone in need of an easy-to-clean interior. Made from natural, recycled rubber, our toughest car mats are extremely durable and wipe-clean in no time at all. We either supply a penny design (as pictured) or a checkerplate design depending on availability.

Measuring approximately 3mm in thickness, these hassle-free mats are weatherproof, providing years of protection. The removal rubber car mats are made to fit your footwells perfectly.

Our Off Road Rubber mats can arrive with a rubber odour, this dissipates over time.

All our mats come with a discrete tag sewn into the driver's mat, this is positioned to ensure the tag should not be visible whilst you are sat in the vehicle. For boot mats these will be positioned against one edge.

Our "Small" Print

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  • All imagery is to be used for indication only, unfortunately colours may vary depending on the setup and calibration of your screen.
  • Customised products may not be returned for a refund, a customised product is a product where the trim has been changed from the default, the heelpad option changed or embroidery has been added. This excludes defective products, these can be returned for a refund during the warranty period.
  • Our 12 month warranty only covers manufacturing defects, it doesn't cover issues due to excessive use or wear.

We still recommend that if you have any concerns that you read our full Terms & Conditions.

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