6 rules to follow to keep safe when driving in snowy conditions 

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As the UK prepares for snow and icy conditions, is urging drivers to take care whilst driving if they have to leave their homes.

We have shared our top tips for driving safely in the snow, to ensure drivers keep themselves and others safe when tackling dangerous conditions.

1. Prep for your journey

When you are in a rush and heading out for work it can be tempting to quickly jet off to get to work on time, but when the weather is bad, extra time to prep before you set off is crucial.

Make sure you:

- Check your tyres to make sure the tread depth is safe, if not your car could skid in the snow and ice

- Ensure you are using a good quality screen wash to prevent from freezing, snow can affect visibility so it’s good to be prepared

- Plan your trip by checking traffic conditions and the weather for your return journey

- Pack for the eventuality of getting stuck! Taking a blanket, food, a drink, phone charger, jump leads and a shovel could make such a difference if your car is stuck

2. Get your speed right

Accelerating slowly, driving in a high gear and using low revs will help you control your speed. It is important to take extra care when leaving space between you and another car, as well as using as low a gear as possible when coming down a steep hill.

3. Remember your lights

Although daytime running lights are helpful, they often aren’t enough in heavy snow. Make sure you switch on your dipped headlights to ensure you have clear visibility - this will turn your back lights on to help other drivers. If visibility becomes really poor, don’t be afraid to put your fog lights on.

4. Steer and brake smoothly

Try and keep all of your motions smooth and under control, particularly when steering and breaking. When approaching junctions and bends, apply pressure to the brake gradually before steering to prevent the car slipping. Avoid any harsh or sudden braking, any sudden movements could cause the car to slip.

5. Steer into the skid and don’t panic

If your car does happen to skid out, try not to panic. Stay calm and steer into the skid to correct the slip and get your vehicle back safe and in control.

6. Don’t stop when going uphill

If you have to tackle any steep hills when on your journey, it’s vital that you don’t stop. Ensure the road is clear of downhill traffic before heading up and keep a low, constant speed to get you to the top.

These top tips should keep you safe when out in the snow, but if the weather looks too dangerous, it is important to stay home and stay safe. Make that judgement call before setting off!

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