Rubber Car Mats: Everything You Need to Know

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Looking after your car's interior is one of the most important aspects of vehicle maintenance, but it is one that is often overlooked.

While the outside aesthetics of your vehicle may help get your car noticed, the interior is where the real action is - and protecting it should be your priority!

Cars are used for day-to-day life so spillages, crumbs, debris and mud are to be expected. Rubber car mats are the best way to ensure that you protect your interior from stains, corrosion and damage.

What are Rubber Car Mats made from?

Rubber car mats are made from a heavy-duty rubberised material which has been specifically designed to ensure maximum protection from the elements.

There are a wide range of textures and styles of rubberised car mats to choose from, with even more options for those who are looking to go down the tailored, custom made route.

Most custom rubberised car mats have grooves throughout them which are designed to trap any fluids, such as sleet or snow. High-quality custom mats are also perfectly tailored to fit  around your car's floor - preventing the underlying footwell from corroding.

Advantages of Rubber Car Mats

There are a number of benefits that come with buying tailored rubber car mats, however, their main selling points is how durable and easy to maintain they are.

  • Protection for life - A custom rubber car mat which is tailored to fit the car's floor perfectly will protect it for as long as the vehicle is on the road.
  •  Squeaky clean - Unlike carpeted car mats, rubber car mats can be easily cleaned of any spillage, dirt or mud with ease - meaning they are far easier to maintain.
  •  Element-protection - Rubber car mats are built to endure any amount of damage mother nature can inflict -making them perfect for vehicle owners who enjoy the outdoors, but not muddy cars.
Black rubber car mat placed in the footwell of a car.

Why do Rubber Car Mats smell?

Because of their rubberised construction, these car mats often give off a distinctive smell when new. This 'New Car Smell' typically fades over time and is a smell that is often associated with clean, perfectly maintained vehicles.

If the smell of rubber is something which bothers you, it can be solved by something as simple as an air-freshener or winding down the window.

Are Rubber Car Mats toxic or harmful?

Nowadays there has been a rise in the amount of people who are looking to be more sustainable and environmentally continuous when buying covers for their vehicle floors.

The materials which are used in both standard and recycled rubberised car floor coverings have been proven through multiple studies to have absolutely no toxic or harmful effects.

As no volatile or dangerous chemicals are used, those who buy tailored rubberised mats can rest assured that great quality of the materials used will help keep their automobile perfectly clean - without any adverse effects.

Rubber Car Mats vs Carpet Mats

There are pros and cons for both rubber and carpet car mats, but to determine which mats are the best for you, well, it depends on what exactly you want from your car mats.

Here, we’ll look at what rubber car mats offer over their carpet counterparts.

Suitable for the Great Outdoors

If you regularly have muddy boots or paws in your car, rubber car mats are the most practical choice, rather than carpet mats. This is because they can be wiped clean and do not stain easily.

If you are more interested in having a more sleek and plush look, carpet mats are most likely suitable for you.

More Cost Effective

You will find that often, rubber car mats are readily available at a cheaper price than most of the carpet alternatives. 

In addition to initially being cheaper to purchase, rubber car mats are incredibly durable, so you are likely to have them for a longer period of time too.

Easy and quick to clean

If you have limited time to spend cleaning your car, rubber car mats may be for you, as they are designed to be cleaned quickly. It will take you just minutes to freshen up your car’s interior!

How to Clean Rubber Car Mats 

As mentioned, one of the major advantages of having rubber car mats is that they are very easy to clean. You can clean your rubber car mats in a few steps, and with minimal equipment.

Diagram which displays the equipment needed for washing your rubber car mats.

Equipment Required:

  • Bucket 
  • Hose
  • Coarse brush
  • Vacuum cleaner (with nozzle)
  • Soap
  • Water
  1. Remove your rubber car mats from the car and place them outdoors on the ground - it’s easier than trying to clean them inside the car!
  2. Vacuum the internal carpet and use the vacuum nozzle to remove any dried mud or debris from the mats
  3. Using the hose, ensure that the mats are completely soaked with water
  4. Add soap to the bucket and an several inches of water, then dip your brush into it and scrub 
  5. Rinse the soap off using the hose and leave to dry, preferably on a washing line or hanging over a surface
  6. Reinstall your good-as-new car mats

Tips for cleaning your rubber car mats

When you’re cleaning your mats, pay particular attention to the grooves and indents, as this is where dirt can build up over time. When you first remove car mats, you can even beat them on the floor or wall to help remove dried mud and other debris.

Cleaning your car mats regularly will make it an easier task and keep your car looking fresh for longer. As a rule of thumb, try to clean them at least four times a year.

 Four rubber car mats hang up on a line.

Where to buy rubber car mats?

If you’re looking for a set of tailor-made rubber mats for your car, have a top-rated range. Search your registration plate to find the perfect fit!

To get the most from your rubber car mats, you should ensure that they are custom made mats; tailored specifically to fit the dimensions of your car. You should always make sure you buy them from a top quality manufacturer or service.

Choosing a top rated company or manufacturer with a great customer service rating will ensure that any mats are products you buy are of excellent quality. 

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